Number of vacancies: 1 Job title: Administrative and Accounting Officer Job Description <Main duties> Maintenance of Accounting Records –       Assists the Coordinator with maintenance of financial records for the Project Office, including assisting keeping accounting records, and keeping all the estimation sheets and receipts. Procurement –        Takes quotations and estimations for procurement according to the procurement rules of the Project […]

Recruiting new staff – Administrative and Accounting Officer

Number of vacancies: 1 Job title: Training Program officer Job Description Preparing & Conducting Training Courses –        Assists the experts on conservation fields with preparation and conduct of training courses, in accordance with established procedures, such as purchasing items to be used in training courses, arranging places for training courses, coordinating with Egyptian counterparts, preparing texts, etc. –        Acts as […]

Recruiting new staff – Training course officer

February 25 to March 7, 2013 The favorable Egyptian environmental conditions have resulted to preserve the ancient Egyptian artifacts in good condition. After their discoveries through the archaeological excavations, those artifacts, which are obviously considered as the longing objects of the world, have been inherited to us today. Some of them still retaining the very vivid colors often catch people’s […]

For Inheriting the Colorful Ancient Egyptian Artifacts to the Next ...

The Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center (GEM-CC), the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and the JICA GEM-CC Project together organized the second international symposium, titled “Conservation in Museums: Present and Future” on 2013/03/18 and 19 at “Le Mercure Sphinx Hotel near 3 Great Pyramids of Giza”. The First Symposium of the GEM-CC was held in February, 2012 to introduce the roles […]

The Second Symposium of the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center ...

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided the training course on Collection Management, the 1st term during December 2-13, 2012, the 2nd term during December 23-27, 2013 and the 3rd term during January 13-17, 2013. The collection of the museum is the most important properties for its activities. It is essential that both museum and conservation center staffs know how to […]

Collection Management Training Course III

About 100,000 artifacts are planned to be transported to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). After these artifacts are conserved at the GEM Conservation Center (GEM-CC), the staff of the GEM-CC will transport them to the GEM for display. In order to ensure that the museum collection is exhibited without making any damage, it is very important for the GEM-CC staff […]

Safe Transportation of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Training Course: Packing ...

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provides assistance for not only Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) construction financing, but also for technical assistance to the GEM Conservation Center (GEM-CC). As part of its program to support conservation, JICA provided the training course on Conservation Science during November 4-14, 2012. Previously, the conservators and the scientists were dealing with the different academic subject […]

Science for Documentation of the Egyptian Cultural Heritage – JICA ...

The Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center (GEM-CC) Project of JICA conducted a training course on Textile Conservation from 14th to 17th October, 2012 at GEM-CC. The purpose of the training course was the trainees of GEM-CC to obtain necessary knowledge and the conservation techniques for conservation work of the ancient Egyptian textile, and to learn the varying research techniques with […]

Training Course on “Textile Conservation I”

The group of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) working in the varying fields of the specialties in Egypt and the students of Daito Bunka University, who had been in the city of Alexandria located northwest of Cairo to study Arabic, visited the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center (GEM-CC) separately on the 19th and the 27th of September. Obviously it was […]

Visit of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and Students of Daito ...

During the period from the 4th to the 9th of September, the GEM-CC received 3 groups of official visitors from Japan. They were well-received by Dr. El Hussein Bassir, Director General of the GEM and the GEM-CC, Mr. Osama Abo El Kheir, Executive Manager of the GEM-CC and Dr. Hussein Kamal, Technical Manager of the GEM-CC. They showed over and […]

Official Visitors from Japan to the GEM-CC during September, 2012