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Long-term Expert

Name: Suzuki Hideyuki

Division / Position: Chief Advisor/Coordination
Field of specialty / Interests: Technology Transfer, Protecting Archeological Sites
Education & Career: I graduated from the Niigata University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry in 1976, had the master’s degree in science policy from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom in 1990 and joined the institute of technological development in Shikoku Kaken Co. Ltd in 1976. I worked as a JOCV volunteer in Kenya in 1978, and joined JICA in 1980. I was assigned to the overseas offices in Tanzania, Sir Lanka and Jordan (Iraq operation). I had engaged in disaster relief activities in Iran (Kurdish refugees), Indonesia (Volcanic Eruptions), Turkey (Earthquake), Fukushima (Tsunami, Nuclear Power) and I started to work on my current position from August, 2011.
Message: My interests are technology transfer in the field of archeology and the capacity development. Any organization can develop by acquiring the new technology and new knowledge from the other organizations. Those organizations which had successfully introduced innovation or improvement through technology transfer could develop their capacity. Also, Japan had acquired the other countries’ technology and improved after the Meiji restoration. So, I’m going to convey my country’s experience to the conational organization positively. While Egypt has a treasure of unparalleled archeological sites in all over the world, we expect these artifacts to be conserved by the latest technology and displayed in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).

Name: Kaoru Suemori

Division/Position: Conservation Training Course

Field of specialty/Interests: Heritage Studies, History of Art, Artifacts Conservation

Education & Career: Graduated from Faculty of Arts, International Christian University 2004, Postgraduate studies in Universal Heritage from University of Tsukuba 2006, Degree of specialization in Cultural Universal Heritage for postgraduate studies from the same University 2009, Researches in Archeological sites for Khmer in Thailand, Cambodia and grottoes of Buddhist temples in China, Visiting researcher in the National Agency for Heritage in Tokyo of International Centre for Cultural Studies from June 2009 till March 2010.

Message: I feel proud that Japan participates in protecting the monuments of the world through this great project, the Grand Egyptian Museum. I will continue my efforts in order to help Egypt too to participate in protecting its monuments in the future and in the same time I am proud to be one of those who work for this aim in Egypt.

Short-term Expert

Name: Yasunori Matsuda

Division/Position: Conservation Expert

Field of specialty/Interests: Cultural Heritage Studies, Conservation Science

Education & Career: Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (1979), Got a master’s degree in conservation from Tokyo University of the Arts (1981), Worked in K.Mikimoto & company, Limited Pearl Laboratory (1983-1993), Assistant Professor in Tohoku University of Art and Design, (Conservation Science Division) (1993), Professor in 1999, Established Institute of Conservation for Cultural Property in 2001 and became its president, Participated in educational conservation researches in the same University till 2009. During this period he worked on investigation and analysis of cultural heritages in Tohoku as well as many conservation projects, Participated in a training project for conservators of Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Turkey through the Japan Foundation from 1994 for two years, Participated in JICA GEM-CC project from 2009. He is now an Adjunct Professor in Toyo Institute of Art and Design and Tokyo Gakugei University, Works as a President of Japan Society of the Conservation of Cultural Property and Chief Editor of the Journal of Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Property. He is also a member of ICOM-CC, IRUG and Material Life Society, Japan.

Message: The Grand Egyptian Museum, which will be the world’s leading museum, will host a large number of ancient Egyptian artifacts coveted by the world. The Conservation Center, that will be responsible for conservation and management of the artifacts of the GEM, has just started to work. Our main job is to build the center to become a great conservation center that attracts attention from the whole world. I would like to appreciate the opportunity to work for this project and do my best for the project with my colleagues with a feeling of happines

Name: Naohiko Kawakami

Division / Position: Assistant Project Coordinator
Field of Specialty / Interests: Assyriology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Studies and International Cooperation
Education & Career: I received the Certificate of the International Foundation Course at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, England (1995) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Archaeology with Honor (1998) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology (2005) from the School of Archaeology, Classics & Oriental Studies (SACOS), University of Liverpool, England. Then, I have joined to the Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq, Kokushikan University, Tokyo, Japan as the Cooperative Research Fellow (2005-Present). I participated in the JICA Project of Support for Recovery of the Cultural Heritage of Iraq at the Ancient Roman Site of Umm Qais in the Iraqi Neighboring Country of Jordan, Middle East and the Research Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) on the Cultural Heritage Studies for Recovery of the Social Infrastructures in Iraq in the postwar period

(2005-2007). After that, I worked as a translator in the Translation Company (2008) and subsequently as a procurement agent of the Japanese grant aid projects in Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) (2008-2012). Then finally I have joined this JICA GEM-CC Project as the expert since September, 2012.

Message: For many years since he entered the university in England, I have carried out the studies on Assyriology, Near Eastern Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Studies mainly in England and the Kingdom of Jordan. After that, nearly for 5 years in the Japanese procurement agency in the field of Japanese international cooperation, I carried out work of the Japanese grant aid projects in the varying countries in Africa, the former Soviet Union, Southeast Asia and South America. It is very much honored to get the opportunity to work in this JICA project, in which knowledge and experience of both cultural heritage and international cooperation could fully be shown. Throughout the operations as the expert of this Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Centre Project, especially in terms of Japanese international cooperation, it is really pleasure to spend the maximum efforts on contributing future protection of the cultural heritage in Egypt

Past Volunteer

Name: Akiko Sugimoto

Division/Position: Software Development and Database

Education & Career: Graduated from Department of law, Otaru University of Commerce, worked in Software Development as a system engineer in Japan (2003-2009), participated in the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV), joined the staff after working as a system engineer for four months in Yemen.

Message: I have never imagined that one day I will work in the field of archeology. It is like a dream to work in such a great project with experts in many fields and the staff of excellent Egyptian youth. Moreover, artifacts database in the GEM project is huge and it will be a challenge for me as a system engineer. I am willing to work with all the other staff step by step till we see the day when the Grand Egyptian Museum is carved in the map of Egypt.

Past Expert

Name: Mikio Nakamura

Division / Position: Chief Advisor/Coordinator (2008-2011)

Field of specialty / Interests: Development Cooperation/World Heritage

Education & Career: M.Sc. Social Planning, Centre for Development Studies, College of Swansea, University of Wales, UK (1979). Fair Trade Commission of Prime Minister’s Office (1965) JICA (1970), Philippine Office, Director of Evaluation and Post Monitoring Div. Planning Dept., Deputy Director of Grant Aid Div. Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, First Res. Rep. of JICA UK Office, Deputy Director of Grant Aid Cooperation Dept., Res. Rep. of JICA Egypt, Director of JICA Sapporo, Japan’s Director and Chief Advisor of

Japan is promoting international cooperation for the conservation of artifacts: the common treasure of human being. We have already conducted conservation workshops for paper, textile and metal in Cairo, and Egyptian conservators are now having training in Japan. At the same time, we are establishing the comprehensive archeological database for the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). I hope this database will contribute not only as the important basic information to the GEM construction but also to all the Egyptologists and Museologists in the world and to you who are interested in World Heritage. We will continue our further cooperation in human resource development and technology transfer in this field.Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC, 2004), Chief Advisor/Coordinator of GEM-CC (2007.7)

Thank you very much for your visit and I hope you will enjoy our website.

Name: Mayumi Matsuda

Division/Position: Assistant Project Coordinator/Public Relations (2008-2011)

Field of Specialty/ Interests: Project Coordination / Institutional Development & Organization Strengthening/ Public Relations

Education & Career: Graduated from Faculty of Law, Waseda University (1994)/ MPhil in Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK (1996)/ Researcher, Economic Section, Embassy of Japan in India (1997-1999)/ Assistant Program Officer, UNICEF Brazil (2000-2001)/ Research Fellow, the Tottori Research Center, Japan (2002-2005)/ Research Fellow, Institute for Comparative Studies in Local Governance, Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (2005-2007)/ Joined the JICA GEM-CC Project in 2008. Having been engaged in coordination of social development projects and studied on the evolving and empowering process of social development projects and various systems of people’s participation.

Message: I am happy to be a part of the project which will be the foundation for the establishment of the Grand Egyptian Museum. It is not always easy to move the project forwards, but there are also a lot of joys and findings in the process of doing so by trial and error with other project members. I wish our joys and findings will be shared with you on this website.

Name: Suzuki Atsushi

Division / Position: IT Expert

Field of Specialty:Database development

Education & Career: Graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Kinki University (1995), joined an IT company and engaged in development of various computer systems. Took a leave from 2001-2002 to work as a system engineer under the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer program. Joined the GEM-CC Project in 2007.

Message: I feel so proud of participating in establishing the database of the museum which will be the land mark of Egypt in the future. At the present the database has not been completed, but I will do my best to fully examine it so that it can be released all over the world. I will be so pleased if this assistance will strengthen the relationship between Japan and Egypt.

Name: Tomomi Fushiya

Division / Position: Assistant Project Coordinator
Field of specialty / Interests: Cultural Heritage management in Egypt, Site Management Planning, Egyptian Archaeology and Community development and Heritage Preservation
Education & Career: After studied Egyptian Archaeology and Anthropology at Waseda University, Tokyo (2006) and completed MA in Managing Archaeological Sites at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (2007), joined the Getty Conservation Institute to work with the project for conservation and management of the Valley of the Queens in Luxor, Egypt, (2008-2010). Interested in site management planning scheme with an emphasis of community involvement, local development and heritage education in Egypt. After having worked at the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo I joined the GEM-CC Project in 2011.
Message: Having interested in Egyptian cultural heritage since my childhood, I am pleased to join the Project which supports the Grand Egyptian Museum project and capacity building of those who are responsible of preservation of precious cultural heritage of the country. As the Egyptian society is going through a historic social reform now, I hope the project also helps to make changes in museum conservation and preservation of cultural heritage of Egypt at large, even if the processes to reach its goals are not so simple.

This post is also available in: Arabic Japanese