Egyptian Staff

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Name: Karim Sayed Ezz El Regal

Division / position: Training Program Officer.
Specialty / Interests: Japanese Language, Translation from Japanese to Arabic and from Arabic to Japanese.
Education & Career: Graduated from Japanese Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. Worked for more than a year and half as a Japanese interpreter in several places.
Message: The Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the most important cultural projects at the recent time, which is as important as the project of the Alexandria Library, and I think that this project will be a very important method in order to protect our Egyptian cultural heritage, and it will help us to show how great the Egyptian history is. So, please enjoy your every moment at the museum and don’t forget to tell your relatives to come to Egypt.

Name: Riham Nabil

Division / position: Administrative and Accounting Officer
Fields of specialty / interests: Translation, Tourism and archeology
Education & Career: I graduated from faculty of language (Al Alsun), Italian Department (2009). I worked as Tour Operator in Italian travel agency (2010)/ Italian- English-Arabic Translator (2011)/ I joined JICA-GEM-CC in June 2011.
Message: I am so happy to join this project, Grand Egyptian Museum, which I feel it will be the best project ever to helping my country by reflecting its culture and heritage to everyone in all over the world, so I invite everyone to share us by following our news on this website.

Name: Sarah Ezzat
Division / position: Administrative Assistant ( PR), Administrative affairs Section
Fields of Specialty / Interests: Japanese language, Translation from/into Japanese
Education & Career: Graduated from Japanese Language Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University in 2008. Worked for Japanese Society for Art and Culture in 2008, and as a Japanese Translator for Mac Carpet Company in 2009
Message: I am so proud to work at the Grand Egyptian Museum project. It was one of my dreams to work at the place which is related with the ancient Egyptian history. I am sure those who will visit our website, will understand it too.

This post is also available in: Arabic Japanese